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Alaskan Attractor Fly Patterns

Attractor Fly patterns cover a lot of ground in the fly boxes of Alaskan anglers. The representatives in this category can range from simplistic patterns to exotic creations. But the one thing they all have in common is their success in Alaska's fisheries, and of all the types of flies, this group is even used successfully on spinning gear in many salmon fisheries.

A significant majority of these patterns could be classified as Streamers in the general sense due to their primary profile. But in many cases the coloration is designed to create an instinctive strike response more than a feeding response in fish.

Brad Hanson's The PIKE Predator - Northern Pike
Brad Hanson Sparkly Bugger - KS, SS, CS
Brad Hanson Polar Shrimp - RT, SH, CT, DV, SS, CS, PS, KS
Brad Hanson's Purple Death - KS, SS, CS, PS
Generic Coho Flies - RS (Kenai-Russian rivers)
Electric Orange Leech - SH, RT, DV, KS, SS, PS
Black Coho - KS
Fat Freddie - RT, SH, DV, KS, SS, PS
Generic Sparkle Flies - KS, SS, RS, PS, CS
  Karluk Flash Fly - KS, SS, CS, PS
  Rainbow Flash Fly - KS, SS, CS, PS

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