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Creature Features - The NATURALS

The NATURALS are the group of flies which epitomize the art of fly tying best. Since the invention of fly tying, the objective has always been to create realistic representations of food sources which sportfish normally feed on.

This group of patterns imitate the "meat and potatoes" for the majority of species of fish in Alaska and they range from sculpins and salmon fry to eels, shrimp, baitfish, and leeches. All these prey species are high in protein and most sportfish large enough to take one will not let the opportunity pass.

The Alaskan flyfisher should always maintain a good arsenal of the patterns from this group whether they will be fishing stillwaters or streams.

Steve Duckett's OstrichBouncer (Shrimp Bouncer) - RT, DV, G, Steelhead
Steve Duckett's Eggsucker Bouncer - Woolybugger Bouncer - RT, DV, KS, SS, PS
Brad Hanson's LAMPREY Leech - NP, Rainbows
Brad Hanson's TRIPLE THREAT Articulated Leech - NP, Rainbows
  Inverted ZONKER - NP, LT, RT, RF, H, salmon
Brad Hanson's WIDOW MAKER - NP, LT, SF, RF, H, saltwater salmon
Brad Hanson's HAIR THANG - Northern Pike
Brad Hanson's Clear Creek Slinky - RT, SS, CS, LT, DV, NP
Brad Hanson's ALEVIN- Sac Fry - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G, NP, SF
Brad Hanson's Bead-eyed Woolhead Sculpin - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G, NP, SF
Brad Hanson's Salmon Maggot - RT, CT, DV, G
Brad Hanson's HANSON'S THIEF - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G, NP, SF
Brad Hanson's Slimy Sculpin - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G, NP, SF
  Purple Egg-Sucking Leech - RT, DV, KS, SS, PS
Brad Hanson's Mystery Shrimp - RT, SH, CT, DV, G
  Salmon Fry - RT, SH, CT, DV, G

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