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This pattern is effective in the smaller clear-water streams for late summer and early fall steelhead and anadromous Dolly Varden. It has proven successful in the Anchor River and Deep Creek on the Kenai Peninsula and can occasionally take late summer silvers in those streams. It should produce just as well in other streams throughout Alaska. The basic form/color of this pattern could be called an attractor and can also imitate salmon roe, fresh salmon flesh from anglers cleaning their catches, and also the typical leech pattern which is so effective in Alaskan waters. Its versatility presents a wide appeal for most native sport fish.

1. Tail - orange Marabou with crystal flash

2. Body - orange mohair fibers over crystal
  flash underbody

3. Thread - Danville 6/0 orange

4. Hook - Tiemco 200R #10

1. Start thread near eye of hook and wrap to bend.

2. Tie in crystal flash (3-5 strands past bend) and leave excess long toward eye of hook (will be used as underbody). Tie in marabou tail.

3. Make a dubbing loop and wrap thread to eye of hook. Pull fibers from leech yarn and insert in dubbing loop. (Keep sparse.)

4. Use dubbing whirl or similar tool to spin the fibers in the loop. Wrap the loop forward, stroking the fibers back so as not to trap them. Trapped fibers can be pulled free with a dubbing needle.

5. Whip finish, pull out trapped fibers and stroke towards the rear. Fibers should extend to the end of the tail. Trim if necessary.

Pattern by John Simonson

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