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Streamers are the big producers for many big fish in Alaska. This category most often represents high protein type food items which large fish prefer. Whether its rainbow trout, steelhead, Dolly Varden char, northern pike, sheefish, grayling or salmon, the profile of a baitfish is most often the provoking reason for fish wanting to strike these patterns.

Some patterns effectively mimmick baitfish very closely in their shape and coloration while others are more generic in their components and may even possess non-natural colors. There is an obscure gray line which separates fly patterns in this category and others which may be found in the Attractor and Naturals sections. The brighter and less defined a streamer is, the more likely it will end up in the Attractor category.

On the other hand, the more realistic a streamer and the more it resembles an actual creature found in the environment, the greater the chance it will have been categorized in the Naturals section. The fly tyer should carefully review the patterns found in each of these categories as many could be qualify for more than one section. For the most part, whether you are fishing a tiny stream for half pound grayling or a mighty river for 50 pound king salmon, there is a streamer that will fit every purpose.

Brad Hanson Rainbow Deceiver - RT, CT, DV, LT, NP, SF
Brad Hanson Thunder Creek - RT, SH, CT, DV, G
  Goblin - KS, CS

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