Alaskan Flytyer's Bench

Nymphs & Wet Flies

Insect nymphs, larvae, and other aquatics provide a staple for Alaska's freshwater fishes especially during the winter when ice cover and the lack of salmon spawning severely limits the available food supply.

Although "hatches" do occur in many fisheries throughout the state, successful fly fishing in Alaska is more a science of knowing what the target species is likely to encounter in its environment throughout the summer season and then offering a suitable imitation. Caddis flies, stone flies, damsel flies, and midges are perhaps the most prolific of the aquatic insects in Alaska and patterns which resemble these naturals will always be good producers.

Brad Hanson   Prince Nymph - RT, SH, DV, G, KS, SS, PS
Brad Hanson   Midge - Chironomid - RT, DV, G

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