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Chinook or king salmon are the largest of Alaska's Pacific salmon and the ultimate trophy for fly fishermen and women. And although they can be a relatively easy target in smaller clear-water streams, hooking up with one on Alaska's larger rivers can present a formidable challenge.

The Fat Freddie pattern has proven itself in streams on Kodiak Island and can be used effectively on other streams and rivers supporting king salmon runs. The size should be gauged to the size of kings present. West side Cook Inlet streams which contain fish averaging 10-20 pounds would require a smaller offering than such Matsu Valley streams as Willow Creek where a 50 pounder is possible.

Use smaller sizes in clear water. Kings are especially nervous in shallow clear water and will avoid any large presentations. A variety of colors should be tied, including orange, pink, hot pink, red, chartreuse and fluorescent green. Although its purpose is to imitate a chunk of salmon roe, it has a striking resemblance to spin-n-glo's so offbeat colors that work with glo's may be just the ticket on a tough day.

Photo Credit: John Wynne, Jr.
1. Tail - Marabou

2. Body - glowbug yarn

3. Thread - Danville 6/0 orange

4. Wing - marabou and flashabou

5. Underbody - .035" lead (optional)

6. Hook - #2 - 3/0

Since this fly is quite bulky, it can be a slow sinker, especially if fishing water that is fast and deep. Adding weight to an underwrap on the hook shank can improve presentation performance under those conditions.

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