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The Polar Shrimp can certainly be lumped with some of the all time great steelhead patterns. Why? Because it's effective. Some anglers think it's an attractor, others believe it imitates shrimp, roe or eggs; regardless, it just catches fish. And, although it's steelhead performance is legendary, it's also gaining notoriety for taking many other Alaskan species as well. Open minded anglers are finding that Kings and Silvers, Trout and Char routinely show a weakness for the bright body, white contrasting wing and undulating collar and tail fibers.

So, although it's not completely understood WHY fish are smacking Polar Shrimp, the fact that they do it so frequently should be reason enough to carry an ample supply on any Alaskan fishing excursion.

1. Thread - Black 3/0
2. Hook - Mustad 3407, Temco 800 size 4 - 8
3. Body - Orange synthetic or rabbit dubbing
4. Overwing - White calf tail
5.Underwing - Orange Fly Fur, Ultra Hair or similar synthetic
6. Tail - Orange saddle hackle barbs
7. Ribbing - Silver Tinsel
8. Collar - Orange saddle hackle
9. Weight - .020 - .030 lead wire


  1. Wrap tying thread from the hook eye to the bend to form a base.

  2. Tie in clump of hackle tips to form the tail.

  3. Wrap lead from above the hook point to one-quarter inch behind the eye. Secure.

  4. Tie in tinsel at the tail.

  5. Apply dubbing material to thread, then wrap forward completely covering lead. Wrap tinsel forward over dubbing using appropriate spacing. Tie off.

  6. Tie in saddle hackle behind hook eye, then palmer in place making several wraps. Tie off. Using 3 fingers of non-thread hand, pull hackle barbs backward over body, and then wrap thread back onto the base of the hackle to hold in rearward pointing direction.

  7. Position synthetic hair so it extends over the body as a wing, then tie in place behind the hook eye.

  8. Tie in calf tail overwing above the synthetic underwing. Tie in place behind hook eye. Whip finish.

Tied by Brad Hanson
Photo by B. Hanson 2001

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