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The egg sucking leech has been around for quite a while. The original started out as black. The purple version has proven to be just as successful and variations continue to be developed in a variety of colors and with additional components.

The Sparkly Bugger is a blend of an egg-sucking leech and a sparkle fly with dumbbell eyes for additional weight.

A selection of both black and purple versions should be included in any angler's flybox when fishing rainbows and Dollies or char in Alaska's big waters.

1. TAIL - Purple marabou
2. BODY - Purple Cactus chenille
3. HACKLE - purple saddle hackle, palmered (optional)
4. HEAD - Pink chenille wound to form the shape of an egg
5. THREAD - Black
6. UNDERBODY - .035" lead
7. HOOK - 3x long streamer, e.g. Mustad #9672, size 2-10


1. Weight the hook shank (optional) from directly above the point of the hook to a spot three eye-widths behind the eye of the hook. Secure, leaving the thread at the tail position.

2. Tie in a shank-length piece of marabou for the tail. At this same point, attach the purple chenille and the saddle hackle. Take the thread forward to the front of the lead.

3. Wrap the purple chenille forward and tie off.

4. Palmer the saddle hackle along the length of the chenille body and tie off.

5. Secure the dumbbell eyes using the figure 8 method, then tie in the egg colored chenille and wrap around the eyes to form the egg head. Whip finish.

Pattern tied by Brad Hanson
Photo by B. Hanson 2001

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