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Egg & Flesh Flies

A fish egg is like a smorgasboard rolled into a tiny ball. It contains all the basic nutrients for sustaining life and in fact that is its basic function - to nourish the beginning of life inside the egg and provide everything necessary to create a new fish.

With the inefficiency of the spawning act, a significant number of eggs laid by salmon will wash out of the redds and become food for resident trout, char, grayling and other fish and wildlife. Alaska's sport fish are conditioned to this seasonal feast just before winter sets in. This makes egg patterns one of the most effective and successful in Alaska as every sport fish will at some time feed on salmon eggs if they are available.

Salmon flesh is also one of the most sought-after sources of protein for rainbow trout and Dolly Varden char in late summer and fall. As thousands or even millions of salmon die after spawning, their decaying carcasses often break apart and provide a steady source of food until freeze-up.

An unnatural source of salmon flesh has entered the scene of Alaska's most popular fishing areas. Streams which receive a lot of salmon fishing pressure also produce a lot of salmon for summertime anglers. As these fishermen clean their catches, the scraps & carcass are most often returned to the river. This provides a large source of salmon flesh bits and pieces resulting from from filleting or gutting and heading their fish. Trout and char are opportunists and take advantage of this pre-spawn food source. The prudent flyfisherman will have a wide variety of our flesh fly patterns in their vest to cover several color schemes and sizes.

Brad Hanson's CLAYMORE - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G
MOE Egg - RT, SH, CT, DV, WF, G
Brad Hanson's BEAD Egg - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G, WF
Brad Hanson's Alaskan Deep Six Egg - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G
Brad Hanson's SITUK Egg - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G, WF
  Glo Bug - RT, SH, CT, DV, LT, G
Brad Hanson Yarn Flesh Fly - RT, CT, DV, LT, G
Brad Hanson's Eggsucking Flesh Fly - RT, CT, DV, LT, G
Generic Flesh Fly - RT, CT, DV, LT, G

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