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      OstrichBouncer (Shrimp Bouncer)

This incredibly easy-to-tie fly imitates a shrimp or nymph, depending on color and size. The photo shows a pinkish one on a size 6 hook, with two small brass beads, intended for steelhead. The same fly tied on an 8 or 10 hook in dark brown or black, with one small bead, will do very well for grayling and rainbows. The materials are 6 fibers from ostrich plumes, plus a few strands of Krystal Flash; the tying method is left as an exercise to the reader.



  1. Hook - 2x or 3x long-shanked nymph hook, size 6 - 10 (e.g., TMC 5263)

  2. Keel - 3" of 15-20-lb mono, plus two 1/8 brass beads

  3. Thread - pink, 6-0 or 3-0

  4. Legs - Pink or orange ostrich plumes

  5. Body - Pink or orange ostrich plumes

  6. Tail - Pink or orange ostrich plumes

  7. Tail - A couple strands Krystal Flash

Another version of Shrimpbouncer

For photos of construction methods go to

Pattern by Steve Duckett
Photos by Steve Duckett 2005

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