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A dedicated "purist" fly tier seems to never be satisfied with the ten thousand fly patterns available to choose from for a day on the water. Instead they are constantly peering through the surface glare, putting themselves in the mind of their quarry and striving to find the ultimate deceiver. Brad Hanson continues to fit this category time and again and his latest recipe is truly something he cooked up. Anyone can "tie up" this new killer for trout, char, and steelhead.

Over the years, I've seen new patterns, tying techniques, or materials come and go. It's a rare instance when original ideas surface with true value, but I'm confident, Steve Duckett's Bouncerflies are the real deal. They're not gimmicky or difficult to tie and their appearance coupled with underwater performance is revelationary.

Brad Hanson - Editor
Alaska Flyfishing Online


Steve Duckett has put together some additional notes for making his bead belly patterns more efficient and productive. Tuning these flies is much like tuning a Kwikfish out of the box - some adjustments in number of beads, weight, or materials may be needed. His suggestions for performing this "tank testing" before making a dozen of a pattern can save time in the long run and produce better flies. He has added some further remarks about experimenting with this pattern technique and offers some suggestions for a variety of component changes which could be the critical factor in optimum performance and success.

OstrichBouncer (Shrimp Bouncer)

Every Alaskan flybox should contain a variety of shrimp patterns and variations. A majority of Alaska's salmon, trout, char, grayling, and sheefish have been easily persuaded to take a bite of this productive pattern. Steve Duckett's Shrimp Bouncer may become one of your favorites.

If you are the type to never get enough fishing after being out all day with your guide, these maps can steer you to more fishing than you can stand. These excellent road maps identify all the streams and lakes in a particular region which have road or other public access. Well worth the couple bucks if you are a traveling visitor from outside and have the wheels to check out various fisheries.

Shane Hertzog

Sonny Traxinger

Todd Arndt
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