Alaskan Flyfishing Strategies

A Collection of Information Essential for Fly-Fishing Alaska Waters
In many ways fly-fishing in Alaska is much like that encountered in fisheries throughout the world. There are the same logical choices for matching fly rod and reel to the target species. And matching lines and fly patterns to the conditions an angler will encounter.

But experienced fly-fishers also know that each major geographical location will present a myriad of variables which can challenge and even frustrate the most skilled angler experiencing these new fisheries and conditions for the first time. Compounding the situation is the sense of urgency many anglers will experience if they travel great distances with high expectations to sample fly-fishing in Alaska on waters they've never seen or fished before.

Our STRATEGIES section is intended to present the HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY of fly-fishing in Alaska. We hope to recruit those Alaskans who may have given it a try in the past and dropped out of the sport due to lack of success or understanding. The art of fly-fishing has always been shrouded in an aire of mystique, but true success is based on the Laws of Nature and Physics and can be easily understood by anyone desiring to participate in and enjoy the sport of fly-fishing.

Our second objective is to provide the "meat and potatoes", the true grit of information traveling anglers are in need of to prepare for the experience of fly-fishing in the Last Frontier.

So join us in our "class room" and take a few notes, tie up a few flies, then head for that local stream or lake and give it a try.


Becoming Quicker on the Draw

How quick are your reflexes? Do you hook fish on every strike? If not, perhaps changing your hook-setting technique might improve your odds.

What It Means To Fly Fishers

One of the most prolific "hatches" in Alaska occurs late each summer and fall, and isn't even a true hatch. Yet it creates an "all-you-can-eat" smorgasboard that native trout, char and other species gorge theirselves on.

Trout Strategies During Salmon Spawning

Although Alaska has many easy fishing opportunities, sometimes an angler's expectations don't match the cooperation of the local instream residents. Observation and analysis are a fly fisher's most important tools as you will learn from this article.

A Master of Disguise, A Morsel of Good Taste

This is the first in this series of articles. It is a little known and understood baitfish that plays an integral role is the survival of most resident species of trout, char and other predatory fish in Alaska's freshwaters. It is a very fitting place to begin our discussion.

Alaska's Rice Bowl for the Masses

There is no denying the biological fact that the Midge group of insects is THE most important component of Alaska's freshwater ecosystem. Every fish born in freshwater has fed on midges as a fry, and most adult lake residents continue to include this food source as a staple in their diet.

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